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Help poet Rose Lemberg get to Wiscon

BLTX Talkx on March 3 (plus info on BLTX 2 – Better Living Through Xeroxography 2, a small-press expo)

CBS Sherlock updates (A female Watson. Interesting. But Monk did it first. Also, is CBS really going through with this? They’ll suffer comparisons with BBC’s Sherlock.)

Game of Thrones Season Two trailer

Oscars are utterly overwhelming – Benedict Cumberbatch

Gay Marine’s Homecoming Kiss

Mugshots of women prisoners from the 1920s, including their stories

The Mind Museum at Bonifacio Global City, to open March 16 (We are interested in viewing the exhibits, but the price is a bit steep: P600 per person, for only three hours. Hopefully the Mind Museum board will consider lowering the price, and removing the time cap on viewing.)

Passive-Aggressive Vegan Grocery Cashier: A Day in the Life


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